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LEJ Port Lincoln

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What if I need my ring to be resized?

Re-sizing a ring is no problem at all...we do it everyday! The way we execute the re-size will depend on the style of the ring and the setting of the stones. In general, ladies rings are a size N and men’s rings are a size R. If a ring needs to be resized, please visit us instore or call us for a quote.


What does carat mean?

The term "carat" refers to the weight of a diamond and other gemstones, as well as the purity of gold.

All properties being equal, larger diamonds are rarer than smaller ones and are therefore more expensive. For instance, a one-carat stone will generally cost much more than a 95 pointer. There are however other factors such as cut, color and clarity that come into play as well in determining a stone's value. It's entirely possible for a smaller stone of exceptional cut, color and clarity to be worth more than a larger stone of only average quality in these other areas. You can read more about the Six C's in our article here.


What does it mean when a pearl is ‘cultured’ and ‘freshwater’?

Cultured freshwater pearls are humanity’s work at duplicating what nature first started. A ‘seed’ (typically a round bead made of mother of pearl) is inserted into the freshwater mollusk and after a period of time...you have a pearl!


What does 'created gemstone' mean?

Created gemstones are grown in strictly controlled laboratory conditions to recreate the brilliance of rare natural gemstones.


What does TDW mean?

Total weight of the diamonds in the applicable product.


Do you offer engravings?

Yes, we offer an instore hand engraving service. Our qualified engraver takes and returns work on Tuesdays and Thursdays.


Do you offer Layby?

Yes, we offer a layby payment plan instore. Our normal terms require a 10% initial deposit and payment of the balance within 3 months of the original transaction date. Please see instore for further details.


Do you offer repairs?

Yes, we offer repairs on jewellery and watches. Please bring your item/s instore and we will be able to provide you with an estimate for the repair.


How can I subscribe to your newsletter?

Simply click here and enter your details in the spaces provided! Becoming a Diamond VIP member will automatically include you on our mailing list to receive exclusive offers, in store updates, invitations to VIP events, a birthday gift and more.


Do you ship internationally?

Unfortunately, we do not accept international orders at this time.